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  • Basics of Growing Venus Fly Traps




    Light: Full sun.

    Soil: Sphagnum or Peat moss. Also can be mixed with silica sand or orchid bark. I put a little charcoal in to remove salts.
    Humidity : Does not have to be extremely high, above 50%.

    Temperature: Between 70° and 95° F ( 21° - 35° C ). Down to 40° F ( 5° C ) in winter.






  • Oncidium Orchids

    The Oncidium Alliance is a large and diverse group consisting of some 110 natural and hybrid genera and including some 10,000 or more hybrids. Some members of this alliance grow in high elevation cloud forests, and therefore like cool conditions. Other members of the alliance grow in lowland forests, on exposed twigs, and therefore need warm conditions.

    Because of the diversity of culture conditions, the alliance is divided into warm and cool growing sections. In the cool section, covered here, are Odontoglossum, Miltoniopsis species and the hybrid genera Odontonia, Odontioda, and Vuylstekeara along with several others. The warm growing members of this alliance are covered in a separate culture sheet. Click here for Oncidium Genus list.





  • Slipper Orchids (Paphiopedilum)

    Paphiopedilums, or "slipper orchids", are native to a wide area from northern India to Indonesia and the Philippines. They are semiterrestrial, growing in humus (decayed leaf matter) on the forest floor, on cliffs and rarely on trees. Paphiopedilums are easily distinguished by their cup shaped lip, commonly referred to as the pouch. Paphiopedilums are quite tolerant and make good orchids for beginners, in the home or greenhouse.